Have you ever heard sperm donation?

Sperm bank

That is…

Sperm donation is the provision by a man of his sperm with the intention that it be used in the artificial insemination or other ‘fertility treatment’ of a woman or women who are not his sexual partners in order that they may become pregnant by him.

The entity providing the sperm is called sperm Bank.

Sperm donor is a man who donates his sperm for women hoping to get pregnant.

There are two types of sperm bank.

Public Sperm Bank in Japan

The first one is public facilities for sperm donation such as special hospitals.

You can’t choose sperm donor or even blood type of donors due to shortage of donated sperm to the hospitals recently.

If not married in Japan, it is impossible to take so-called AID (Artificial Insemination by Donor) to get pregnant.

In addition, even if you want to have children from the same donor after the first baby, it is not guaranteed.

In Japan, AID is super expensive however it is said that the declining birthrate is a huge problem.

Sperm bank in private sector

Second one is private sperm bank run by volunteer. JapanBaby is this type.

Women who want babies get sperm from the free-lance donors.

Unlike the public sperm bank, you can not only have a talk with the donor also check his real height, appearance and whatever you need before donation.

The clients of private sperm bank single mothers by choice and same sex couple are as well as married couple with male infertility.

It is not so difficult to have siblings for first baby with the same sperm donor.

Steps of sperm donation by JapanBaby

  1. Application

If you wish to get pregnant with the donor of Japan Baby, please fill out the form and click “send” button.

  1. Determination of the date and place

When you receive auto reply e-mail from Japan Baby, please give us some candidate dates and times for the meeting at cafe.

  1. Sperm donation

Get sperm from donor according to the way you choose.

Light FAQ

When can I get sperm donation?
It is possible for you to receive sperm donation on a convenient day of you.
Where can I get sperm donation?
In the Tokyo area. Donor will pass sperm in container to you for AI at cafe. When you prefer NI, it is at your hotel or “Love Hotel”.
Who do I receive sperm donation from?
Masa, sperm donor of JapanBaby, will give you his sperm in a special case. Please check the detail of our donor.

Methods for sperm donation

We have two methods for sperm donation.

Please make sure the difference of the methods and let us know which method you prefer in application.

[box01 title=”A. Artificial Insemination with syringe”]

This is the way that you put donated sperm into your body by yourself with syringe at your place.

If there is a time margin donation to NI, please keep the temperature of sperm in container constant.


20,000 yen per one donation including syringe without needle

Detail of AI method


[box01 title=”B.Natural Insemination”]

This is a way to get pregnant by sex.


Inspection fee of client (you)

about 15,000 yen

Inspection item

Chlamydia, Neisseria gonorrhoeae, Chlamydia(Pharynx), HIV, Syphilis, and Hepatitis B.

Please show the result to the donor at the day you meet him.

Inspection method

First of all, you need to have an inspection of STD. You can get STD kit from Amazon as below and the result 2 weeks later. Or, you just need to go clinic to take the test.

Hotel charges

around 5,000 yen

If you receive sperm at your home, it’s cost less.

Process of Natural insemination

  1. Meet up and confirm the result of STD at cafe
  2. Move to a hotel
  3. Take a showe
  4. Donate sperm
  5. Lie quietly

Detail of Natural inseminatio


Comparison of donation methods

[table id=16 /]

Why non-free?

Although we would like to help all of women wants to get pregnant, at the same time, we don’t think all people can be good at parenting. There are two reasons of non-free policy.

1. Proof of seriousness

Childbearing without much thought might occur problem in future. So we would like to ask you to show your seriousness.

2. Proof of economic power

Our client(you) should rich enough to support their family because we don’t want to exacerbate poverty with sperm donation.

That’s why we a policy to provide sperm for compensation.

If you choose Artificial Insemination, payment for STD proves your economic stability.

The expenses you keep will help maintain our website and physical condition of donor.

We ask for your kind understanding.

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