High success rate method with syringe

How to take Artificial Insemination by yourself?

Process of AI

  1. Receive sperm in a container from donor
  2. Move to hotel or your home
  3. Draw sperm into the syringe
  4. Infuse the sperm in your womb
  5. Rest for 30 minutes

1.Receive sperm

Donor pass you special container with sperm in exchange for 20,000 yen when you meet him for the first time or on the date of your ovulation.


Receiving the container, please move to clean and sage room such as hotel and your home.

3.Draw sperm

Draw sperm from the container into the syringe on bed or sofa.

4.Infuse the sperm in your body

Infuse the sperm from syringe to your womb very carefully not to hurt yourself.


Rest on bed or sofa for 30 minutes.

Check the detail of sperm donation