High success rate method by sexual intercourse

We explain how to get pregnant by natural insemination with donor.

It takes two hours.

Please feel free to ask anything about natural insemination method.

Adjustment of schedule

Even if you wish to have sperm donation after counseling with donor, it is the same procedure.

First, let us know your next expected ovulation week.

Ex. 2nd week of October

Next, let us know expected ovulation date.

Ex. 14th October

We are going to provide sperm donation on 2 or 3 days before the ovulation.

Process of NI

  1. Meet up with at cafe and check the result of STD
  2. Move to hotel or your place
  3. Take shower
  4. Massage
  5. Sperm donation
  6. Rest

1.Meet up with at cafe and check the result of STD

Donor will check the result of STD test you take. Please show us it on paper or browser. If you don’t show us, we can’t provide our service on that day.

2.Move to hotel or your place

In case of NI on the day of counseling

After counseling, move to place where you want to receive sperm donation.

You can select normal hotel, Love hotel(hotel for couple in Japan), and your home for natural insemination.

When you prefer normal hotel, please make reservation for two.

Day use of hotel room is also nice choice.

3.Take a shower

Take a shower as usual. You don’t need to wash your hair and remove your make-up.


Donor will give you a massage for relaxation.

5.Sperm donation

When your body is ready, donor give you sperm.


After donation, you rest for 30 minutes and take shower again.

Typical schedule of NI
  • 13:00 Meet up at cafe
  • 13:15 Move and take a shower
  • 13:30 Massage
  • 14:00 Sperm donation
  • 14:30 Rest
  • 15:00 Leave off

Check the details of sperm donation