Sperm bank aiming to build society

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We provide sperm donation program to get pregnant as many women want to have family as possible.

There is no option for women who came from overseas when they want to have children in Japan.

We’d like to establish universal program can help male infertile couple, same sex couple and single mothers by choice, which enable to have safe pregnancy whenever women desire babies.

Japan Baby is supported by volunteer medical doctor and lawyer.

Why do women choose Japan Baby?

No bad impact on appearance

Almost all our clients are satisfied with donor’s high performance for 179cm height, double eyelid, A blood type, and over 40% fertility rate.

Our donor doesn’t have any serious illness record.

No duty to report

You don’t need to report us the result of sperm donation.

We don’t want to give pressure to our clients because some of them have had a hard time through fertility treatment.

However, when you deliver your baby, we would be grateful if you don’t mind and could report us.

Non-free policy

It surprised us that many our clients respect non-free policy.

Only women with a certain level of economy can apply to our service.

So not all woman is able to receive sperm donation from Japan Baby, and the number of baby born from our service is limited.

In addition, donor of Japan Baby doesn’t have the will to get married for now and forever. Clients don’t need to think about inheritance and other problem.

Reasons why not for free

We guess not all adult can be a good parents for children. Parents should have the much ability to keep safe and stable nurturing environment for children.

Especially we do NOT want to accelerate poverty of children.

For that reason, we request our clients to cost to prove economic power.

We spent the money receive from our clients for STD test, web site maintenance, high quality food for sperm, and work-out fee of donor.

Reasons for emphasizing counseling before donation

Japan Baby believe counseling before donation is really important.

Please decide after counseling with donor whether you receive sperm donation.

Our goal is not only sperm donation but also acceptable conclusion for clients.

It takes 30-60 minutes for one counseling. You don’t to need to cost for counseling but just to come cafe to meet up with donor.

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