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Why Japan Baby started sperm donation?

It all started when donor’s friend had male infertility. Masa, donor of Japan Baby, could not help his friend because he did not understand some man could not have baby from their own sperm. Loosing his friends, he started learning about male infertility and established so-called sperm bank.
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What kind of woman is client of Japan Baby?

There are three types of clients.

  • Couple of hetero with male infertility
  • Female couple
  • Single women

Why is it not free?

There are two reasons.
First, we ask recipients to show the seriousness to have baby.
Second, とto avoid poverty of children by checking economic power of recipients.

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How much does it cost to receive sperm donation?

It is 20,000 yen in total.
Artificial Insemination; pay 20,000 yen to donor per donation
Natural Insemination; bear a expense of your STD test and hotel fee

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Should I need to report Japan Baby when get pregnant?

You don’t need to report the results after sperm donation because we don’t want to give you stress which has a negative influence on pregnancy.

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What is donor like?

He is 30s Japanese male with 179cm height and double‐edged eyelid.

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Is there anyone in donor’s family who suffered from a psychiatric disorder?

No relatives of donor are sick in mental illness.

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What kind of Japan Baby’s clients are likely to get pregnant?

According to our experience, women of late twenties, primipara, and  blood type A.

Could donor come to my hometown in rural area?

Sorry but our donor provides sperm donation only in Tokyo area.

Do I need to par for donor’s transportation and coffee when we meet at cafe?

No, you don’t need to do so.

Can I really get pregnant with sperm donation?

Yes, you can have your babies with sperm donation. Not only NI but also AI have been successfully.

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How can I check the STD test result of donor?

You can confirm the result on our website as below.
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What kind of method for donation do you have?

We have two styles for sperm donation.

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Draw sperm from special container donor pass you into the syringe and inject it in your uterus by yourself.

Detail of Natural Insemination
Try to get pregnant by sex.

Where can I receive sperm from donor?

You receive sperm donation in Tokyo area.
Artificial Insemination; at cafe
Natural Insemination; at hotel or your home

Does it cost to get sperm donation from donor?

Yes, you need to pay 20,000 yen per donation in AI or bear expense of your STD test and hotel fee.

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Artificial Insemination

When can I receive sperm donation?

You can receive donation anytime you need. Let us know your expected date of ovulation.

Natural Insemination

What is the reason why women chose NI prefer it?

There three two reasons we have heard from our clients.
1. They desire natural way to have babies.
2. There is no risk of contamination and confusion.

Can I drink alcohol before NI? I’ll be so nervous.

No problem if you drink a moderate amount of alcohol.

Is it possible to change from AI to NI if the first donation does not work well?

No problem.
Some of our clients got pregnant with that way.


Can I see donor’s picture?

Yes, please check our website as below.

Can I have second children with the same donor?

Of course it is possible! Please feel free to ask us next sperm donation.

Could you offer sperm donation even if my husband is FTM?

Clearly no problem.
We have no reason to decline. Japan Baby support diversity for your future.

I am hearing impaired person. Would you provide sperm donation for me?

We can do that for you.Please tell us about your situation in detail.

I’ve never had sex but I want to have baby. Is it possible to get pregnant with NI?

We believe that’s no problem. Our donor support everything for you.

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