JapanBaby has provide sperm for over 70 women living in Japan.

Anna from Germany

I work in Japanese branch of German car manufacturing company for five years.

It was really fantastic for me to enjoy Japanese culture what I sought for the beginning of my new life here. I had boy friend living in Germany however we broke up our relationship.Physical distance generated emotional distance.

I didn’t doubt that we would get married and start family with our baby. I really felt frantic because I was in my 30s at that time.

There was not right person I wanted to be a family in Japan. So, I had to make decision to give up having child or search sperm donor.

Japan Baby is the best organization providing sperm for women from abroad, which I’ve ever seen. Masa-san, donor of Japan Baby, can communicate with me and speak in English. It is extremely helpful because most Japanese people doesn’t speak in English.

I got pregnant after second time of natural insemination. I’ve never known that so wonderful to become a mother.

Thank you for your sperm donation, Masa-san.

Chloe from USA

Honestly, right now there is only one sperm donor that I can recommend, and that is Masa-san of Japan Baby. I can’t thank you enough for all your hard work with me. I can’t imagine any of the other donors I considered would have put this much thought, support, honesty, and understanding into helping me.

Jin-xuan from China

Thank you so much! I really appreciate how responsive and helpful Masa of Japan Baby all have been. This process, especially as a single mother by choice, is so intense and can feel difficult in unexpected situations. I have just loved every interaction I have had with Japan Baby.

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