You can get pregnant safely, reasonably, and easily

Don’t you have any difficulties to look for sperm donor in Japan?

It is not simple for business person working hard to make relationship with right male, get married and pregnant in Japan where not your mother country.

As you might know, we don’t have sperm banks in Japan because of delay of legislation for demography problem. It is possible for only Japanese couples not people from abroad to take AID(artificial insemination by donors) at some hospitals.

BUT don’t worry about that.

You can get pregnant with sperm of Japanese donor if you want.

Japan Baby is one the best non-profit organization to support women want to have babies in Tokyo. We safely provide you fresh sperm in reasonable price.

Donor for sperm donation

donor in one year old

Basic Information

Performance85 clients and 35 babies
EducationMaster degree
LanguageJapanese, English

Physical Information

Eye colorBrown
Hair colorBlack
Blood typeA

Inspection result

STD (sexually transmitted diseases)
Neisseria gonorrhoeae淋菌Negative
Neisseria gonorrhoeae(Pharynx)淋菌(咽頭)Negative
Hepatitis BB型肝炎Negative


Emma from USA

We wanted to thank JapanBaby for being such a key support to us throughout our journey into pregnancy and parenthood. In particular, we wanted to express our thanks for understanding of serving in the U.S. Military in Japan. We so appreciate the thoughtful, evidence-based, queer-friendly resources JapanBaby provides for this program and for its other services. We’re so glad we were able to work with Masa-san, a donor of JapanBaby, in our path to becoming parents.

Anna from Germany

I work in Japanese branch of German car manufacturing company for five years.

It was really fantastic for me to enjoy Japanese culture what I sought for the beginning of my new life here. I had boy friend living in Germany however we broke up our relationship.Physical distance generated emotional distance.

I didn’t doubt that we would get married and start family with our baby. I really felt frantic because I was in my 30s at that time.

There was not right person I wanted to be a family in Japan. So, I had to make decision to give up having child or search sperm donor.

Japan Baby is the best organization providing sperm for women from abroad, which I’ve ever seen. Masa-san, donor of Japan Baby, can communicate with me and speak in English. It is extremely helpful because most Japanese people doesn’t speak in English.

I got pregnant after second time of natural insemination. I’ve never known that so wonderful to become a mother.

Thank you for your sperm donation, Masa-san.

Chloe from USA

Honestly, right now there is only one sperm donor that I can recommend, and that is Masa-san of Japan Baby. I can’t thank you enough for all your hard work with me. I can’t imagine any of the other donors I considered would have put this much thought, support, honesty, and understanding into helping me.

Jin-xuan from China

Thank you so much! I really appreciate how responsive and helpful Masa of Japan Baby all have been. This process, especially as a single mother by choice, is so intense and can feel difficult in unexpected situations. I have just loved every interaction I have had with Japan Baby.

How to receive sperm from donor?

If you wish to get pregnant with the donor of Japan Baby, please fill out the form shown below and click “send” button.
Determination of the date and place
When you receive auto reply e-mail from Japan Baby, please give us some candidate dates and times for the meeting.
Sperm donation
Get sperm from donor according to the way you choose. You can choose from AI or NI.

Artificial insemination

You just need to receive sperm in a container and syringe without needle from donor. Inject the sperm with the syringe by yourself at home or wherever you can be relaxed.


Fee 20,000 yen per donation

Natural insemination

First of all, you need to have an inspection of STD including Chlamydia, Neisseria gonorrhoeae, Chlamydia(Pharynx), HIV, Syphilis, and Hepatitis B. Please show the result to the donor at the day you meet him.

After meeting up, we move to hotel or your place with donor.


Inspection fee 15,000 yen
*If you don’t sex until pregnancy except the donor of Japan Baby, it’s only one time.

Hotel fee 5,000 yen
*If you receive sperm at your place, it’s cost less.

Fee 20,000 yen per donation

Application form

    Your name*

    Email address No.1*

    Free mail is better such as Gmail.

    Email address No.2*

    Please tell us your another email address just in case.

    Your age*

    Couple of man and womanCouple of womenSingle woman

    Region you live in*

    Reason why you contact to JapanBaby*

    Have you ever got Herpes?*

    Desired method regarding sperm donation*
    Artificial InseminationNatural InseminationUnder consideration

    Next ovulation date (expected)*

    Do you agree with non-free policy?*
    Yes, I do.
    Artificial Insemination; pay 20,000 yen to donor per donation
    Natural Insemination; pay 20,000 yen to donor per donation, and bear a expense of your STD test only one time and hotel fee

    How did you know JapanBaby?*
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