How can you take STD/STI/venereal disease test in Japan before sperm donation?

You might have a question “How and where can I take STD/STI test in Japan before sperm donation?”.

DON’T worry about it.

We can recommend you two options as below.

  1. Kit for STD test
  2. Clinic

STD test for sperm donation

Kit for STD test

If you have an account, you can purchase a kit for the test. It costs around 10,000yen.

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  • You don’t need to meet anyone to take the test.
  • You can collect your sample anytime convenient for you.


  • You need to read a manual to use the kit for STD test in JAPANESE.
  • You have to pay more when you fail to collect your sample correctly.
  • It take around 10 days from purchase of the kit to notice of result.

Are you concerned if you make it?

Never mind!


There are some clinics conducting STD test with English support in Tokyo.

Let us show you TOP3 clinics.

Ginza Hikari Clinic

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Personal Health Clinic

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Private Care Clinic

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